Urban Jungle Gym

Game Mode

Chaos Squad


Old Factory, Little Tokyo, Harbor, Downtown

Game Type

Combat Objectives

Urban Jungle Gym is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Old Factory, Little Tokyo, Harbor and Downtown Districts. It is based off of the Buck National Vs The Apocalypse series of Challenges from the campaign.

Premise Edit

Compete to complete a series of combat objectives against OD.

Objective Edit

Complete 4 objectives before everyone else. These objectives are randomized for every player, but objectives will not repeat for the same player. They can be any of the following:

  • 15 Melee Kills
  • 5 Grind Melee Kills
  • 5 Dive Bomb Kills
  • 15 Grind Kills
  • 15 Undergrind Kills
  • 15 Bounce Kills
  • 5 Style Level 2 Kills

Enemies Edit

  • OD

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Completionist - Complete 2 objectives
  • Completionister - Complete 3 objectives

Strategy Edit

  • Blind luck may give you easier objectives than other players.
  • Large blast radius weapons such as the Hair Spray Bomb, ProPain Launcher and FizzCo DSRC give a huge advantage, especially with the Twist Of Fate Amp.
  • For Dive Bomb Kills, Seismic Smash can grant all 5 kills in one go.
  • Melee Grind Kills can be made easier by equipping Melee Amps that grant a projectile attack.