"Celebrate the apocalypse with this fireworks-launching weapon that explodes on impact."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video


The Roman Candle

The Roman Candle is an Assault-rifle-based Weapon in Sunset Overdrive It can be bought from Two Hat Jack for 15,000 overcharge. The weapon holds 150 ammunition and is able to have one amp equipped onto it.


The Roman Candle is an assault rifle-styled weapon with massively bundled roman candle cannons. These roman candle cannons fires dumb-fire firework rockets that explodes on impact, causing a small explosion.

The Roman Candle deals effective damage against common Overdrinkers and Scabs, and normal damage against Fizzco Bots and unique Overdrinkers.

Strategy Edit

The Roman Candle is what you might call a "Jack of All Trades" weapon--useful in any situation, but excelling in none. Easy to aim, easy to fire, lots of ammunition, and an AoE upon impact, this weapon is great for either thinning out a crowd or in place of a more specialised weapon, if the environment isn't conductive to what would be more powerful, or if the chaos simply won't allot anything less than a fire-and-forget full-auto.

The Roman Candle
Enemies -  Damage -
OD: 4
Scabs: 4
Fizzco Robots: 2
Herker, etc:  2