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The Oxfords are a group of apocalypse-surviving college students hailing from fictional Oxford-West College, considered a school meant for rich parents who wanted to send their offspring away instead of dealing with them at home. Or a safe place to nurture education while they're at rehab. Only one student was ever admitted for a real scholarship (Sam), while the rest were admitted by the size of their tuition bonuses. They're motto isn't 'Omnes Semitae Solutis' for nothing, after all, but don't let their money fool you: these kids may be rich, but all of them have genius-level intellect to boot. The only downside is that they're spoiled rotten - most of them.

When the night of horror hit and Oxford-West's campus swarmed with OD, these precious few managed to flee and make it to Sasquatch and Friends - a fictional Chuck E. Cheese/Five Nights at Freddy's arcade with pizza. Since then, the pizzeria has become their hide-out, a safe place to ignore the screams of the dying and work on their texting speed. They're content with waiting out this apocalypse, but with FizzCo controlling all air space, it doesn't seem like help is coming any time soon. Luckily for them, you're here to whip them back into survivor mode.

With your help, there's hope yet for these preppy brats. And with their help, there's hope yet for you still getting out of this city alive.

Who are the Oxfords? Edit

Sam Edit


"They're not bad people, they're just spoiled -- they don't know how to deal with a mutant apocalypse."

Meet Sam, the unofficial leader of the Oxfords. Why is he the unofficial leader? Well, he's pretty much the only one who's mobile. Hard-working, eager to please, and naïve beyond all belief, Sam believes in his friends even when his friends don't believe in him. He's also prone to panicking, and he's about as useful as a foam pillow when face-to-face with an OD. Yikes.

He's currently receiving life coaching from you, to be able to stand up to his friends when necessary, but who're we kidding? This isn't freaking Harry Potter, people. (You've got his back, though, so no worries.)

Still, Sam's got optimism for days, and it helps when he's the only one willing to do whatever's needed to survive. He would still prefer playing Choo-Choo Simulator at home on a sunny, boring day, but when the tough gets going, Sam's right there with you --- over the phone, telling you where to go.

Dirk Edit


"This apocalypse is so BORING."

One of Sam's "friends", Dirk is what happens when you combine an award-winning physicist, an astronaut, and a lot of money. Not much is known about his past except he was one of the "cooler-popular" kids at Oxford-West, and he really, really likes bottled water. You can usually find him lying on his back in his red sweater and formal striped trousers.

After you're able to get Dirk off his rear and into gear, you'll find out that he's actually pretty cunning and strategic in nature. Unlike Sam's hard-working attitude, and your tendency to shoot anything that comes across your path, Dirk employs more indirect, round-about methods to accomplish his goals. For instance, letting FizzCo robots, Scabs, and OD duke it out while he (meaning you) gets to help himself to some necessary electronics, unnoticed.

He's one of the main 3 Oxfords that you actually get to know a little, and have actual names. He's also apart of the propeller-building crew, but it's OK if you don't know what that is. (Total spoiler alert: that means you're going to need him to build a propeller.)

Margaret Edit


"LOL. Sam's friend is more boring than Sam."

Another of Sam's friends, Margaret is always seen decked out in her cowboy hat and plaid pants, and initially laying on a counter with her fellow Oxfords. Like Dirk and co., she was probably one of the popular kids on campus before the OD started outnumbering them 1 to 100. She's also an engineering student, which will come in handy later in the future.

Margaret is also the proud owner of robo-dog and atomic weapon, Boo-Boo. State of the art, and no doubt expensive, Boo-Boo is her most prized possession, which might've been why she became an engineering major in the first place. Margaret is also the only one who can reset and repair Boo-Boo, which is saying something since she's still just a student in college.

Max Edit

The last of the brain trust, Max is the mathematical genius of the trio. He's also THE math whiz of Oxford-West. Which is incredibly convineient for your needs of sweet, mutant free, freedom.

Max is apparently deeply concerned about his missing parents. Add them to the long list of ex-FizzCo. employees you know. They happen to be the only FizzCo. executives that know Overdrive turns people into gross pink mutants. Which means FizzCo. has them on the them on the tippy top of their hit list.  Regardless, they lived in the penthouse suite of the tallest freaking tower in the entire freaking city. There's also a Panic Room up there which may or may not be filled which gross sex stuff. Be careful when you open that door.