The Dude, seen with fiery bowling balls in it's ammo slot.

"Dude...Charge up this weapon and throw a strike every time. C'mon,abide."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Dude is a charge weapon that fires bowling balls. It carves a wider patch of damage for each level of charge. Bowling balls explode on direct hits against enemies and bounce otherwise. It can be pretty effective against an area with a large amount of OD. It's better off when they're in a straight line.


There are two major things to consider when using The Dude:

  1. It needs to charge up before firing for maximum effectiveness, and
  2. The projectile travels strictly on the ground, making it completely ineffective for flying enemies or enemies that won't be there in a moment, such as a Herker on the attack or Muggers in general.

Therefore, the weapon is best used when you already have a strategy or good position in place, such as taking out OD ganging up on your barricades during a Night Defence, or when you have several of them lining a street.

It is not a very good general use weapon, most enemies clustering together but not in a straight line, and many more enemies having much more mobility in their arsenal.


  • The weapon is a reference to the movie "The Big Lebowski".
  • The Dude's wide reach effect will not appear during Night Defense, possibily to avoid exploiting the gun's advantage during Chaos Squad finales.