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The Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack consists of original punk rock, garage rock and electronic dance music (EDM) songs produced at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco, California. An original score was composed by Boris Salchow. Additionally, there are licensed songs.

A total of 42 tracks were produced within a six month timeline. Each song has nine submixes for use with the game's dynamic music system, where the fullness of the song is determined by the player's Style Meter and the amount of action on screen.

Lyrics are slowly being added, see articles for individual songs. Please note that lyrics are going to be mostly based on listener interpretation and may not be 100% accurate.

Original Songs[]

Cheap Time

Bass Drum Of Death

Meat Market


Dan Sartain

Brenna Red (Fiction Reform/The Last Gang)

The Bronx

The Suckers

Sticky Nix


K Theory

Liam Shy

  • Sunset Electro 5:18

Argon Volt

  • Cesium 4:54


  • Under Control 4:29

Las Catrinas Cinematic

  • Las Catrinas 0:30

Key Studio Personal[]

Gregory J. Gordon - Music Supervisor, Producer, Mix Engineer

Steve Heithecker - Mixer, Recordist

Mike Forst - Assistant Music Supervisor

Licensed Songs[]


  • Cheap Time - Glitter & Gold
  • The Death Set - Too Much Fun For Regrets
  • Carbonas - Journey to the End
  • Cy Dune - Yellin'
  • The Glockenwise - Explosive Generation
  • FIDLAR - White on White
  • The Blind Shake - I'm Not an Animal
  • Cerebral Ballzy - Better in Leather
  • Zig Zags - the Fog
  • Bass Drum of Death - I Wanna Be Forgotten
  • The Melvins - Rat Faced Granny


  • The H-BlockX - Gazoline (E3 2014 Stage Presentation Trailer)
  • The Death Set - They Come To Get Us (E3 2013 Reveal Trailer)

Original Score[]

The following songs were composed by Boris Salchow. (Incomplete list)

  • Just Getting Started 1:12
  • Total Awesomepocalypse 1:24
  • Song Of Hunts 1:43
  • Hero And Sam 1:08

Officially Released Soundtracks[]

Three soundtracks have been released via digital distribution. They are all available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

Best Of Sunset Overdrive Music




Punk/Garage Rock


Microsoft Studios Music


Digital Download

Release Date

November 25, 2014

Best of Sunset Overdrive Music[]

This album consists of 18 songs from Sunset Overdrive.

Track listing:

  1. BOATS! - This Is The End 3:00
  2. Dan Sartain - We’re Gonna Have A Party 3:03
  3. Bass Drum of Death - Smell The Night 3:17
  4. Meat Market - Unknown Town 2:29
  5. Cheap Time - Total Annihilation 3:15
  6. Brenna Red - Feel The Hate 3:05
  7. Meat Market - Folding Socks 3:04
  8. Dan Sartain - OD Life 3:14
  9. BOATS! - Different Answer 2:31
  10. Meat Market - I Don’t Want Your Company 2:36
  11. Bass Drum of Death - I’m On The Run 2:20
  12. Cheap Time - Horror Night 4:20
  13. BOATS! - I’ve Got Gunz 2:33
  14. Meat Market - Violence 2:40
  15. Bass Drum of Death - Between The Lines 3:11
  16. Cheap Time - More Action 3:08
  17. BOATS! - Alright Ok 2:33
  18. Meat Market - No One Else 2:47
EP Vol. 1




Garage Rock


Microsoft Studios Music


Digital Download

Release Date

December 23, 2014

EP Vol. 1[]

This album consists of 7 songs from Sunset Overdrive, all from the band Cheap Time (3 of which also appear on The Best of Sunset Overdrive Music).

Track Listing:

  1. The Real World's A terrible Place 2:51
  2. I Don't Know What To Think 3:36
  3. Horror Night 4:20
  4. More Action 3:08
  5. Total Annihilation 3:15
  6. Where Do We Go From Here 2:50
  7. Game Over 4:00
EP Vol. 2: The Fizzco Sessions






Microsoft Studios Music


Digital Download

Release Date

December 23, 2014

EP Vol. 2: The FizzCo Sessions[]

This album consists of 5 songs from Sunset Overdrive, all of which are EDM tracks.

Track Listing:

  1. Liam Shy - Sunset Electro 5:19
  2. BNZA - Make Your Head Pop (feat. Nat Ya) 4:17
  3. K Theory - Give Me More 3:45
  4. Argon Volt - Cesium 4:54
  5. Arkeen - Under Control 4:22


  • Fizzie's boss fight music during It's Me! Fizzie! is "Give Me More".
  • The Suckers and Sticky Nix are made up of Pyramind Studios employees, with Ian Tatum of Meat Market supplying vocals for Sticky Nix.
  • Norton's boss fight music is "I'm Not An Animal".
  • The post-prologue credits song is "Glitter & Gold"
  • The end credits songs are (in order): "I Wanna Be Forgotten", "Make Your Head Pop", "Stay Alive (Focus)", and "This Is The End"
  • "White On White" is the song that plays during the Night Defense part of Hepcat's Late-Night Special.
  • Joseph Armstrong, who played drums for BOATS! during the recording of the soundtrack, is the drummer for the band SWMRS (formerly known as Emily's Army).
  • The music for The Building's boss fight is "Cesium"

Awards & Nominations[]

Organization Year Award Won/Lost
The Game Awards 2014 Best Score/Soundtrack (for Boris Salchow's score) Lost to Destiny (Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, Paul C. Johnson and Sir Paul McCartney)

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