Shield Buddy

Weapon Type

Single Shot Weapon


Weapons Pack DLC



The Shield Buddy is a Single Shot Weapon in Sunset Overdrive. It was added in the Weapons Pack.

Description Edit

Hold fire button to charge, release to activate shield and deploy bombs. Use weapons or melee while you and nearby friends are protected by the shield.

Holding and releasing RT will deploy the shield and send bombs out in a 360 degree cone. Nearby Chaos Squad teammates will also get a shield, which protects against all damage for a limited time.

Acquisition Edit

On Xbox One, simply install the Weapons Pack DLC and the Shield Buddy will instantly appear in your inventory.

On PC, the Shield Buddy can be bought from Two-Hat Jack for 20,000 OverCharge.

Strategies Edit

  • The shield will protect from literally ALL damage, including the damage dealt while holding the battery in the Power Up mission on the Mooil Rig .
  • Shields will prevent the protectee from being staggered. This is ideal for protecting a teammate using an objective in the Hack Fizzco and Flush The Pipes missions, or for preventing enemies from knocking you off of a grinding surface.

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs Fizzco Large Enemies
3 3 3 2