Rivet Blaster

Weapon Type



The Mystery Of Mooil Rig DLC


100,000 Overcharge

The Rivet Blaster is an Automatic Weapon in Sunset Overdrive. It was added in The Mystery Of Mooil Rig DLC.

Description Edit

Fires supersonic ionized rivets that embed in enemies or the environment. Fired rivets can link together, creating an electric field that shocks enemies.

While it is an automatic weapon, it has a low rate of fire.

Acquisition Edit

This weapon will automatically appear in Two-Hat Jack's inventory upon installation of the Mooil Rig DLC. It costs 100,000 Overcharge.

Strategies Edit

  • Use linked rivets in bottleneck areas to ensure enemies get shocked. 

Damage RatingsEdit

OD Scabs Fizzco Large Enemies
2 2 3 2