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OverCharge Drinkers, often abbreviated to OD, are zombie-like mutants and one of the main enemy types in Sunset Overdrive.

Origins Edit

OD are human mutants created by Fizzco enmasse during Horror Night. Following the success of Fizzco's first beverage, the UNTZ, they decided to create the energy drink, OverCharge Delirium XT. The drink was rushed to market and left with some dangerous mutating component in it.  

Types Edit

Sunset Overdrive Herker 2


Herkers are large mutants, who have the ability to throw other mutants at the player. They're much larger than a standard mutant, thus causing much more damage. Additionally, one of their arms is abnormally large, making them a great threat in close-quarters. Herkers have 3 arms.

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Blowers are medium-sized mutants, who's arm is fused with a leaf blower. Through this, it can spray the player with toxic chemicals.


Large mutants that are able to spawn normal ODs from the garbage bin on it's back. Not as strong as a Herker, but much stronger than the average mutant.

Spawners intro

Spawners intro


Poppers are mutants roughly the same size as the standard OD, with one exception, when coming into contact with the player or when shooting a popper it will explode into a large orange puddle of OverCharge.

Gunkers Edit

Gunkers are OD from the hot dog factory. Having mutated with both spoiled hot dogs and freezers, they have gained the ability to hurl freezing chunks of goop, breath chilling ice, and have wieners sticking out of their ice-encrusted bodies.They can launch frozen mines.

Muggers Edit

Muggers are OD with feral, pouncing attacks and lots of extremely sharp objects embedded in their skin. They are incredibly dangerous at close range, are very fast, and elusive, to boot.

Wingers Edit

Wingers are flying OD, capable of breathing fire and spawning explosive suicide boils, to boot.

Norton Dragon Edit

Norton Dragon is the mutated version of Troop Master Norton after he drinks a can of Delirium and combines with a Dragon statue to become a boss. He is characterized by spikes on his back and a long worm-like body. Upon transformation Norton grabs Troop Master Bryllcream and the Dragon flees Little Tokyo with him, breathing firey destruction as he goes.

Oil OD Edit


Oil OD and Oil Poppers.

Oil OD are OD that have mutated alongside exposure to Mooil brand petroleum. They appear in various shades of green and blue and Spawners have a crab-like appearance. They are found exclusively on the Mooil Rig during regular gameplay. Some Oil OD may leave flammable oil slicks upon death. 

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