"A deadly boomerang that slices through enemies, then comes back! Keep moving so it damages enemies on the return flight too!"

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Murderang is a Automatic type Weapon in Sunset Overdrive. It is made available to by after completing the Hot Dog! mission.


The Murderang fires slicing boomerangs that can go through multiple enemies. The downside is that maximum ammo capacity is low. But as boomerangs, each shot will return the player. If the boomerangs are able to return to the player, ammo will be replenished. If the boomerang is unable to return to the player, then ammo will be spent.

Muderangs deal very effective damage against Fizzco Bots and reasonable damage against common Overdrinkers. It deals normal damage against Scabs and unique Overdrinkers.


  • It's hard to tell what the boomerangs are actually designed as.