Laser Mortis

Trap Type



Complete "Welcome The New Robot Overlords" (Requires Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines DLC)

Energy Cost


Laser Mortis is a Trap in Sunset Overdrive. It was added in the Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines DLC.

Description Edit

Fires an array of lasers that deal increasing damage to target. Once the primary laser discharges, foes will quickly fall. Built with sensitive equipment, its functionality may become unpredictable should enemies get too close.

A powerful laser turret that can target multiple enemies (including flyers), the unit will become confused if enemies get too close to it, the head will swirl about for a bit. The trap opens like a flower when it is armed.

Acquisition Edit

Complete the mission "Welcome The New Robot Overlords" to unlock this trap.

Strategies Edit

  • As it is ineffective at close-range, placing it near barricades and other locations where enemies can get close to it unharmed is ill-advised.