Horror Night is the name given to the outbreak that sets the story of Sunset Overdrive in motion. Some time during the summer of 2027, Fizzco threw a pre-launch party for their new energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT in Sunset City, USA. Due to contaminated ingredients, everyone who drank it turned into a hostile mutant, which would be named the Overcharge Drinkers (or OD for short). This causes mass panic and mayhem in the city, effectively shutting it down, with Fizzco putting it on lock down. A janitor who was working at the party was one of the only survivors, along with several pockets of people taking refuge wherever they could. The main story of Sunset Overdrive takes place 17 days after Horror Night.

Known Survivors Edit

  • One Fizzco janitor (The Player)
  • Walter, former head of Fizzco security
  • Floyd, former Fizzco scientist
  • Two-Hat Jack, a weapon tinker and salesman
  • Calista, outfits saleswoman and harsh critic of other people's fashion sense
  • The Oxfords, private school students at Oxford West who have holed up in Sasquatch and Friends, an arcade and pizzeria
  • Troop Bushido, a scout troop that took refuge in the Japanese Heritage Museum
  • The Fargarthians, Live Action Roleplayers who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and believe that their campaign is real as a coping mechanism, and have set up a castle in a gym
  • Las Catrinas, a ninja cheerleader group of Puerto Rican decent that have taken refuge in the hospital, to take care of the now orphaned children
  • Scabs, scavengers who loot and pillage from other survivors
  • Buck National, hillbilly archtype and reality show host
  • Red Caboose Reggie, local hobo and chili chef.
  • Stanley, a comic book enthusiast
  • King Buzzo of the sludge metal band The Melvins
  • An unnamed Quest Giver icon saleswoman
  • Jess, a booze distiller.
  • Shelly Kane, daughter of Fizzco CEO Dr. Rupert F. Kane (mentioned in Smartphones)
  • Assorted civilians who exist only to be chased by OD, Scabs and Fizzco who will reward the Player upon rescue

Trivia Edit

  • "Horror Night" is a song by the band Cheap Time written for Sunset Overdrive and is one of the songs that can play during Night Defense.
  • The remains of the party can be revisited in the Old Factory District.
  • The Player takes 3 hours to get to the safety of their apartment, even if the prologue's gameplay length suggests otherwise.