"Physical media is still good for something. These vinyl records bounce off objects and can hit multiple enemies with the same shot.

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

High Fidelity
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High Fidelity is a weapon featured in Sunset Overdrive. It is the second weapon the Player receives over the course of the entire game.

Details Edit

The High Fidelity launches vinyl records at high velocity, with a fire rate like most assault rifles, with the long-medium range. These tapes have the potential to ricochet and hit multiple enemies.

Appearance Edit

The weapon appears to be a motorized crossbow, modified to take vinyl records as ammunition instead of bolts. The front launching mechanism and the record holder "magazine" appears to be made of two flexible parts, as the player is oftentimes seen moving the barrel about with no audible cracking or breaking to the gun. 

Strategy Edit

High Fidelity
Enemies -  Damage -
OD: 4
Scabs: 1
Fizzco Robots: 1
Herker, etc:  1

OverCharge Drinkers Edit

Against standard OD, the High Fidelity is an excellent, if very specialized, weapon. The high rate of fire and range is excellent for shooting while moving about with little care for aim, and the bounce effect is great for destroying several OD at once and causing general chaos within the chaos. With their naturally small health pools, the low damage per disc is not an issue.

Special OD, Scabs, Fizzco Bots, Turrets Edit

Do not use the High Fidelity. Use something else, like the Dirty Harry. Though it is a fast-firing weapon, each disc has very little damage on its own, and the bounce effect is lost on enemies that do not cluster tightly together, something only the standard OD are capable of.


High Fidelity
Level Experience Bonuses
1 0 No bonuses
  • Amp Slot+
  • Damage+
  • Max Ammo+


  • Damage+
  • Max Ammo+
5 170,000 ?

Trivia Edit

  • At a higher skill level, the records turn gold.
  • the name is a clear reference to the 2000 movie high fidelity, starring John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Jack Black