"Freeze your enemies in their tracks with this bomb that releases a freezing mist in a small radius."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

Freeze Bomb Weapons

The Freezer Bomb is a Single-Shot weapon in Sunset Overdrive.


The Freezer Bomb is a handcrafted cannon made out of a network of pipes connected to a cryogenic tanker. The cannon shoots balls of cryogenic liquid that unleashes a freezing blast in a radius and freezes enemies caught within. Enemies explode into a burst of ice and blood when hit by other weapons.

As a weapon that only freezes enemies, the Freezer Bomb deals no damage at all.


  • Level 1: ? EXP
    • No additional stats
  • Level 2:
    • +Amp Slot
    • +Freeze Duration
  • Level 3:
  • Level 4:
  • Level 5: 80,000 EXP


  • If several enemies are frozen, a "BRRRRR" text effect will appear.
  • There is a loading screen message that combining the Freezer Bomb with the Rocket Man amp will create "self-imploding enemies."