Flaming Compensator

Weapon Type

Single Shot



"Compensate your lack of accuracy with this shotgun style weapon, that sets enemies on fire."

Announcer, weapon tutorial video

The Flaming Compensator is the very first weapon obtained in Sunset Overdrive, received from an unlucky survivor that tells the Player of its existence before being taken away by a Winger. It is essentially a medium-short range shotgun with a wide bullet spread and the added effect of setting any enemy it hits on fire.

Appearance Edit

The Flaming Compensator appears to be a modified Blunderbuss (a type of shotgun) with an aerosol can and a wire providing the flaming tip, and a signature pair of "balls" at the base containing modified, highly flammable ammunition.

Experience levelEdit

Levels Max Ammo Xp to next level Bonus
Lv1 18 8,000 None
Lv2 20 45,000
  • Amp Slot
  • Damage
  • Max Ammo
Lv3 22 90,000
  • Damage
  • Max Ammo
Lv4 24 180,000
  • Damage
  • Max Ammo
Lv5 26 N/A

Damage RatingEdit

Flaming Compensator
Enemies Damage
OD: 4
Scabs: 3
Fizzco Robots: 1
Herker, etc: 3


OverCharge Drinkers Edit

As a shotgun, the Flaming Compensator is highly effective against standard OverCharge Drinkers. As the OD tend to group together when attacking the Player or when feeding off of puddles of OverCharge, it's ability to hit multiple targets as well as setting said targets on fire, which in itself can jump to nearby targets, makes it perfect for dealing with them. Due to its spread, it does not require much aiming and is easy to use while grinding or bouncing.

Special OD Edit

On extremely large special OD like the Herker, Wingers, and the Spawner, the Flaming Compensator is an excellent weapon to gradually deplete health before switching to a more powerful single shot weapon like the Dirty Harry. The fire causes excellent damage over time alongside setting fire to any small OD that gets within close range.

On large and fast OD like the Mugger, the Compensator is not as effective. Though they tend to come within close quarters of the weapon's range, their high speed counters the Compensator's low fire-rate.

OD like Blowers and Gunkers are slightly less effective ammo-wise, as though they catch fire as easily as any other OD, they do not cluster as tightly and are better dealt with the Dirty Harry in small numbers, or the TNTeddy in groups.

Scabs Edit

Scabs, while as easily taken out by the Flaming Compensator as the OD, do not cluster in close groups and tend to keep their distance, making the weapon ineffective, as well as allowing them to attack from a safe range before any severe damage is dealt.

Rushers do not group as closely together as OD, though the blast and the wide spread is useful for dealing with them in general.

They are best dealt with with the Dirty Harry, or other Scab effective weapons like the AK-FU as they have better ammo efficiency, damage, and range.

Fizzco Robots and Turrets Edit

The Flaming Compensator is mostly ineffective against Fizzco Robots. Being made from high-tech, lightweight metal, they do not burn or catch fire, rendering the Compensator's main feature, the flaming shots obsolete. That aside, Riflebots have extreme range, and the Bladebots are much faster than the spray of the gun. The same can be said for Turrets.

Menu DescriptionEdit

Shotgun style weapon, spread shot, medium close range damage with medium falloff, high ability to set nearby enemies on fire with falloff.

Trivia Edit

  • The gun is made to look like a penis and testicles.
  • The name is a reference to the phrase "compensating for something" where the person said to be compensating is implied to have a small penis, thus the design.
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