Fast Travel is a game mechanic in Sunset Overdrive. It is used to instantly transport the Player to another location on the world map. 

Player emerging from Portal Potty after Fast Travel.

To initiate fast travel, go to the world map, move the cursor over any orange fast forward icon and press A. If the player is standing on solid ground, they will chug a bottle of beer and pass out. After the loading screen is finished, they will wake up in a Portal Potty at the selected location (if the player was in motion or in the air or water, it will skip the drinking animation). Fast Travel will initiate Autosave.

Fast Travel Locations Edit

Old Factory District

  • Crown Blades Factory
  • Brewery Fort
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Sasquatch & Friends

Little Tokyo District

  • Samurai Museum
  • Hepcat Diner Fort
  • Radio Tower

Harbor District

  • Marina Fort
  • Shipping Yard
  • Fargarthian Castle

Downtown District

  • Downtown Fort
  • Hospital

Mooil Rig

  • Mooil Rig Fort
  • Flotsam

Fizzco Robotics

  • Robot Wall
  • Junkyard Fort


Sunset Overdrive - Fast Travel-0

Sunset Overdrive - Fast Travel-0