"Anybody got zit cream? No? Guess we gotta do this the hard way."

Sunset Overdrive has a lot of great content. An awesome customizable character who can traverse city miles in seconds. An open world city to grind, bounce, and roll around in. And side characters galore to populate it. However, what game would be complete without enemies?

After all, the premise of this game is that you become the hero that emerges from a mutant apocalypse that's taken over your town. How can you be that hero without those mutants? What about violent, dumb looters with accuracy that can scare the pants off of ya? And of course, what about killer, corporate robots just for the heck of it? (And no, that's not a euphemism.)

Below, you will find a list of just about everything that wants to (or maybe even did) kill you.

"Small, But Mighty" Edit

Give me your hungry, your horde, your huddled masses...or don't. Please don't. Yes, this category is strictly reserved for the backbone of the enemy force: the commons.

The OD


OverCharge Drinkers Edit

More commonly known as OD, these monstrous mutants are what remains of most of Sunset City. According to Floyd, OverCharge is full of Extremophiles - microbes that were dangerously powerful, and are what caused the mutation apocalypse. Anyone who drinks the orange beverage apparently 'overcharges' their endocrine systems, sprouting giant glowing pustules, extended claws, and a ravenous addiction to their favorite mutagen. And anything that gets in their way is considered a target.

The OD love to travel in packs, and you'll seldom find them traveling without a Special OD leading them. Favorite tactics include surrounding you in a clusterfuck, knocking you off of wires, and leaping like no tomorrow. In other words, they're deadly at close range: best thing to do is keep yourself out of range of those terrifying melee onslaught while firing at a distance.. They come in various, vibrant colors: purple, pink, and orange.

Scab Shooter

"I know there's no police, I just thought wearing a mask would make me look cooler."

Scab Shooters Edit

The second type of enemy encountered in this game - Scab Shooters are looters and psychopaths that took advantage of the chaos, choosing to terrorize helpless survivors with guns and filched FizzCo armor rather than play the hero. After all, that's what you're there for, right? That doesn't mean the Scabs appreciate your goody-two-shoes act, though, so if you encounter them in the streets, it's "shoot first, ask questions later".

Just like the OD, Scab Shooters tend to move through the streets in packs, although you're more likely to run into them than them run into you. Hiding behind buildings or objects, their tactics involve hiding and shooting with deadly accuracy, which means running around on the ground is seriously going to get you killed. Traverse the environment stylishly and you should have no problem avoiding their bullets. The best defense with these enemies is a good offense: realistic single-shot or high-impact weapons like the Dirty Harry or even the Turret Copter are best against them.

FizzCo Rifle Bot


Fizzco Robots Edit

Fizzco Rifle Bot Edit

The Fizzco Rifle Bot is the main frontline unit with one task to carry out: Eradicate all life within Sunset City, regardless if it's human or OD. By themselves they pose no real threat, but in large groups they are lucky to hit the player.

Fizzco Bomb Bot Edit

The Fizzco Bomb Bot jets back and forth between spots where they can shell their enemies with pulse mines and charged laser blasts.

Fizzco Blade Bot Edit

The Blade Bot can zip around like dervishes wielding two electric blades, and they can hurl these blades with uncanny accuracy. They're a little less sturdy than other Fizzco Bots.

Fizzco Tank Bot Edit

Fizzco Tank Bot is the strongest and most heavily-armored enemy in Sunset City. It's heavily mobile, capable of using jump jets to quickly flit from one location to another. It's sturdy, incapable of being knocked down and quite lethal, able to attack with a pulsing automatic laser and missiles launched all at once.

"The Harder They Fall" Edit

Popper Edit

When an OD drinks too much OverCharge, they begin to exhibit even more unusual side effects. Their skin becomes covered in gigantic, glowing pustules of volatile OverCharge. They have only one goal: to rush into the face of the nearest enemy and explode violently. However, their explosive tendencies can be turned in your favor if they are killed before reaching their target, as their explosion harms nearby enemies as well.

Blower Edit

These OD have somehow become fused with a leafblower, allowing them to shoot damaging green goo in salvos. They have surprising accuracy and will often lead their shots if the player is on a grindrail or moving in one direction. They prefer to jump between vantage points, making them a difficult target to pin down, as they operate independently from the horde of OD. Changing positions when grinding will make it harder for them to hit you, and once you are in close range with them, they are practically goners.

Gunkers Edit

These OD have numerous liquid nitrogen canisters embedded into their skin, giving them the ability to launch chunks of harmful crystal ice at the surrounding environment. Though their attacks do not usually target the player, their ice chunks can cause problems if they land on a bouncy surface. It's best to take them out before they can launch too many crystals.

Herker Edit

The first "boss-type" OverCharge Drinker, the Herker is a gigantic specimen who has become fused with an excavator bucket. They use this bucket to toss boulders or other OD toward the player. They have a sizable health pool, making them a dangerous threat that must be eliminated quickly. Their projectiles can hurt you on grindrails, so try to stay in the air while firing at them. The Dirty Harry works very well at killing them.

Spawners Edit

Another powerful OD that continually spawns weaker OD from its back. It prefers to avoid combat and will typically run away while continually spawning enemies, so you will have to chase them down to kill them.

Muggers Edit

These OD have the least health of the "boss-type" OD's, but are still a dangerous threat. They typically hide on the side of buildings, waiting to pounce on the player, and appear in large packs. They are especially dangerous if the player is distracted by weaker OD. However, they have no ranged attacks and are vulnerable if they miss a pouncing attack.

Wingers Edit

These are the only OD capable of flying, and attack using a beam of OD or launching explosive boils at the ground. They are one of the most dangerous enemies, as their flight abilities allow them to attack from nearly any angle. They are weak to "lock-on" weapons such as the Murderrang, as their flight abilities make it difficult to hit them.