Cooking With Nukes

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


Old Factory

Game Type


Cooking With Nukes is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in the Old Factory District.

Premise Edit

Floyd is using the nuclear plant to cook some experimental Amps, and the Players must defend the reactor from the oncoming OD.

Objective Edit

Defend the reactor for 2 minutes from OD coming in from all directions. The reactor will have a white ring around it to highlight the area that you'll need to keep the OD out of. Any OD within the ring will build up the reactor's temperature (represented by a blue bar on the left hand side of the screen). In addition to the white ring, the minimap will highlight the reactor in yellow. If the bar fills up, the mission will fail. Killing all OD within the ring will cool the reactor down.

Enemies Edit

  • OD
  • Blowers
  • Poppers
  • Herkers

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Complete the mission without any team deaths
  • Hunt Blowers - Kill 3 Blowers

Strategies Edit

  • Deployables such as the Acid Sprinkler, Turret Copter, Proximity Mines and Pulse Mines can be utilized within the ring. The reactor will get coated in green gunk from the Acid Sprinkler, but this does not affect the reactor's temperature.
  • The Hair Spray Bomb can quickly clear out the reactor if too many OD manage to get in.
  • If you have the Epic Amps Grind The Lightening or Fi-Yah! equipped, there is a circular grind rail above the reactor you can use. There are also grindable rails around the reactor, but they are segmented.