Selecting body type.

Character Customization is a feature in Sunset Overdrive.  It allows players to completely change the look of their character. Throughout both the single-player and multiplayer, players will unlock new clothing items to wear. The look of your character carries over between both multiplayer and single-player. To customize your character, talk to Calista at any Fort or Faction base and select "Customize". 

Customizable FeaturesEdit

  • Head
    • Hair - Select one of 20 hair styles
    • Hair Colour - Select up to two hair colours from 16 choices. For one solid colour, make both Base and Highlight the same.
    • Eye Colour - Select color of eyes, from either the 8 standard iris colours or 8 zany eye styles.
    • Facial Hair - Select one of 7 facial hair styles. Female characters can have beards.
    • Facial Hair Colour - Select color of facial hair
    • Body Art - Select makeup or face paint
    • Accessories - Select glasses or jewelry
    • Headwear - Select hats or masks
  • Tops
    • Underwear - Select underwear style. Female characters cannot be topless.
    • Tops - Select shirt
    • Outerwear - Select jacket
    • Gloves - Select gloves
    • Body Art - Select torso tattoos
  • Bottoms
    • Underwear - Select underwear style
    • Bottoms - Select pants or shorts
    • Shoes - Select footwear
    • Body Art - Select leg tattoos
  • Melee
    • Select melee weapon skin
  • Outfits
    • Player Sets - Save up to 10 outfit sets (combinations of vanity items) for easy selection
    • Insomniac Sets - Some vanity items are part of a set predetermined by the developers. When you unlock all items in a single set, they will automatically appear here.
  • Body Type
    • Select from 4 preset body types
  • Face
    • Select from 18 preset faces