"The Internet once said I look like an ugly Matt Damon. I'll take it."


Brandon Winfrey


Former Associate Community Manager and Host of Sunset TV, Writer


Machinima (former), Insomniac Games (former) Freelancer

Brandon Winfrey is a freelance writer and a former Associate Community Manager at Insomniac Games, and the host of Sunset TV, the weekly web series used to promote Sunset Overdrive. He is known for his puns and awkward moments on Sunset TV. He has also written for the game, notably the smartphone descriptions. He participates in Twitch streams for the game as well.

Outside of Insomniac Games, he and his roommates produced the web series Short Lived Heroes.

On May 6, 2015, Brandon announced on Twitter that he is now a writer for Insomniac Games.

Sunset Overdrive Edit

Brandon appears on television screens in the game, where the current week's episode of Sunset TV is streamed.

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines Edit

Brandon appears as B-Win, the final form of the end boss of Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines. After a few scraps with the Player, the Indestructible Nanobot Cloud activates the B-Win Protocol and merges with a TV screen showing Sunset TV. The result is an entity comprised of many TV screens with footage of Brandon, attached to a robot that serves as the weak point.

B-Win attacking the Player.

Boss Fight Strategy

"You think it's easy being a pseudo-celebrity? WELL IT ISN'T!"




The B-Win Protocol


Laser beams, TV screen melee (when screens are shot out)

Appears In

Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines

Portrayed By

Brandon Winfrey

B-Win has powerful laser blasts that will leave energy mines on any grind surface, so be mindful when grinding. You can chip away at his health by shooting the TV screens, but the real damage is dealt to the robot where they are all connected. He will also collapse his screens to protect it when moving. Shooting out all of the screens within a short time will leave him completely vulnerable for a bit, but the screens will fly out and can damage you if they hit. Once his health almost at zero, lead him to the smelter and then shoot him some more to finish him off. Be careful, he can still attack you while on the smelter. 

The Death Of Sunset TV Edit

After Brandon passes out from a nosebleed in DotRotFM Chaos!, he awakes at an undisclosed exterior location. Here he is ambushed by three other Insomniac Games developers who are jealous of Brandon's Sunset TV job, while they "slave behind desks". After dispatching two of the devs, the third manages to incapacitate him with a 2x4. Brandon flashes back to training with his mentor, and snaps right back into action, taking the remaining dev down. However, he pulls out a grenade which goes off.

Brandon wakes up in a dimly light room with a whiteboard, and another version of himself. Here he discovers that he is really an A.I. created by Fizzco, as a precaution that they could still sell products to consumers in the event that the simulation hypothesis is correct. This changed with the OverCharge outbreak on Horror Night, so they put out Sunset Overdrive to keep people distracted, with Brandon as part it with Sunset TV. 

Brandon discovers the truth behind his existence.

Eventually Brandon started overwriting his own code, so Fizzco decided to try and terminate everything using B-Win. When that failed, they tried to delete Brandon using programs that appeared as the game's developers, which he kept killing. When the other Brandon reveals that he was simply stalling for time, Brandon grabs a gun from the floor and fires it, only to find himself alone in the room. The other Brandon taunts him as a disembodied voice, and Fizzco gives him one last taste of humiliation by dressing him up as a Las Catrinas cheerleader before he is presumably deleted.