Blowers are mutants featured in Sunset Overdrive

Details Edit

Blowers are medium sized ranged OD who deal damage from afar using leaf blowers that have fused into their bodies, replacing a single arm. From these blowers, they launch a volley of sludge heaps that deal above average damage to the player. A Blower will always launch it’s payload in multi shot bursts that move relatively fast but can be dodged with a roll. Getting hit by all 3 projectiles will result in high damage, however the locations in which the sludge ball will land are marked by red circles on the landing area allowing the player to know where the volley will land and plan accordingly to avoid most or all damage taken. Blowers are larger than both standard OD and Poppers, but are far more agile. Though they can not run after the player with ease, they are often seen leaping around roof tops very quickly and barraging the Player in a mortar like fashion from above. When the need to use a Melee attack arises, they will attempt to hit the player with their leaf blower and proceed to roar. If you decide to approach Blowers like this, try to dodge the first strike and wait until they roar to strike them without fear of retaliation.

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