Ballz To The Wall

Game Modes

Chaos Squad


FizzCo Robotics (Requires Dawn of the Rise of the Fallen Machines DLC)

Game Type

Vehicular Combat

Ballz To The Wall is a Chaos Squad mission in Sunset Overdrive. It is available in FizzCo Robotics. It is based on the Dawn Of The Rise Of The Fallen Machines DLC mission "Monster's Ball".

Premise Edit

Everyone gets an Energy Ball to run over as many Fizzbots as they can.

Objective Edit

The goal is use the Energy Ball to kill 100 Fizzbots in three areas, in sequence, before time runs out. Time will be added to the counter after each section is finished.

Enemies Edit

  • FizzCo Security Sniper
  • FizzCo Security Blade Bot
  • FizzCo Security Tank Bot

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Kill the most Fizzbots in one area.
  • Finish each area with at least 30 seconds remaining.

Strategy Edit

  • The enemies won't go down in one hit, so a few players combining their attacks can help rack up kills quicker.
  • While time is added after each section, it's still possible to not have nearly enough time to finish the mission, depending on how many players are currently in the game.
  • All of the Energy Ball's attacks from the DotRotFM campaign are available for use, but you have unlimited charge, so don't worry about recharging the Energy Ball.